Rely on us to define clear, practicable solutions for your challenges and opportunities while seeking our support during your transition, ensuring you have the relevant capability and commitment to change in-order to drive tangible business outcomes.

Digital, Technology & Data

How GND supports clients in creating digital capabilities

The urgency for companies to swiftly acquire knowledge, become more resilient against unforeseen challenges, and adjust amidst adversity has become more evident than ever in this new era driven by technology and guided by human innovation. The imperative is not solely to implement isolated digital enhancements, but to purposefully integrate human and technological capabilities in a concerted effort to proactively shape the future.

GND Consultants unites a network of tech experts, extensive domain knowledge, and strategic vision — incorporating cutting-edge technology delivery to add value throughout your technological progression. Our approach is not just about a temporary presence; we aim to instill lasting innovation and execute practices that are sustainable.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Data & Analytics


Digital Ecosystems

Agile at Scale

Marketing & Sales

How GnD supports clients in creating marketing & sales capabilities

Successful companies don’t simply discuss growth — they engage in marketing and selling methods that are tailored to customers’s needs and expectations. Conventional approaches fail to achieve this seamless simplicity. What’s necessary is a fresh approach: a cohesive merger of marketing and sales — cultivating the essential human and technical skills.

GND collaborates with clients to achieve growth that surpasses market standards in the current business environment. We assist you in enhancing your marketing and sales capabilities by encompassing customer centricity through the utilisation of analytics, test-and-learn culture, and agile methodologies — bringing your vision to life.

Insights & Analytics

Sales & Channel Management

Customer Experience

Digital Marketing

Brand Strategy

Product & Portfolio Management

People & Organisational Performance

In the midst of today’s evolving business models, complex technologies and intensifying competition, organisations must possess the capacity to undergo continuous transformation to ensure optimal workforce alignment and productivity. This often presents heightened complexities for organisations due to their structures impeding agility, cost-efficiency, and resilience. However, when confronted with change initiatives aimed at tackling these issues — the tendency is there in perceiving them as isolated obstacles rather than comprehensively addressing the organisation’s ecosystem.

We at GND believe the basic tenet that organisations are most successful when they mobilise employee intelligence with the support of appropriate frameworks, processes and skills to spur innovation. With our team’s expertise, we help clients optimise every facet of their company, from the employee value proposition to operational structure — to facilitate talent and sustain momentum.

Organisation Design

Leadership Development

Culture and Change


Business Resilence

Enterprise Agility

How GND supports clients in creating people & organisational capabilities


How GnD supports clients in creating operational capabilities

In today's business landscape, companies that leverage operations to rapidly innovate and develop new capabilities are gaining a competitive edge like never before. Operations serves as the bridge between your organisation's strategy and its success. Achieving said operational efficiency and effectiveness has always been a challenge — now more so than ever due to disruptions in supply chain, trade volatility, shifting customer preferences, and the emergence of digital operations.

At GND, we assist clients in extracting value from all facets of their operations — maximising efficiency and effectiveness to yield comprehensive operational excellence. Our dynamic approach converges technology, strategy and operational capabilities to facilitate transformative changes which deliver sustainability and growth.

Supply Chain Reinvention

Support Functions

Service Operations

Capital Excellence

Logistics Management